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Wednesday, January 07, 2004
Today Is:

     Wed., Oct. 7, 2004

10:00 a.m.    I've read my "BIBLE" for today and studied my Sunday School lesson for today.     >^_^<     I woke up this morning, that was a good sign.

  3:00 p.m.    left to pick anna up at the trailer and helped her with her homework.  she didn't have n e math homework 'cause she had a homework pass.

Posted at 1/7/2004 10:12:14 am by colt
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Woke up

I woke up this morning, so I must still be alive.  I will check back in l8r to post some more entries.       ^-^

Posted at 1/7/2004 8:05:05 am by colt
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Tuesday, January 06, 2004
Pick up Anna.

Momma has gone to pick up anna at school and when they get back, I will help her with her math homeworl.     ^-^

Posted at 1/6/2004 3:22:49 pm by colt
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Today Is:

8:30 a.m., i haven't done too much today, yet, and prob. won't.  today is Tues. the 6/th.  well, will check back in later maybe to post some more l8r.  ;o
Posted at 06:31 am

Posted at 1/6/2004 8:57:55 am by colt
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Sunday, January 04, 2004
Today Is:

04 Jan 2004, today is Sunday and 'tis about 9:25 a.m. and am getting ready to go to Church, will make s'more enteries l8r.

Posted at 1/4/2004 9:23:44 am by colt
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Saturday, January 03, 2004
Today is:

03 Jan 2004:  I have read Jan 1/st's Bible Reading, and half of Jan 2/nd's Bible Reading, I'm fixing to take a rest and prob. go to town with MeAnne, Momma and Abbi.  and will start back to my Bible Reading when I get back from town.  Start back on Isah 9 when you get back from town.  MeAnne just asked me to go to town with them.  BRB.  ;-)  i finished reading  the second half of the Jan 2 part of Bible Reading and read Jan 3/rd's Bible Reading on yahoo email.

Posted at 1/3/2004 9:38:27 am by Tommy Lee
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Friday, January 02, 2004
Ate catfish:

went to eat catfish in Crossett, Ark.  'twas good.  ;-P  had catfish, oysters, shrimp, coleslaw, gumbo, ice crean, and honey bun.  didn't do too very much the rest of the day.  ;o

Posted at 1/2/2004 6:17:48 pm by colt
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Thursday, January 01, 2004
went to Sister Elsie's

We went to Sister Elsie's today and Mary Ann got to call her momma today. we visited for a little while and came on back home. Her momma and daddy are both doing good, and her 4 brohters are all doing good too. every body over that was doing good. ;-)

Posted at 1/1/2004 5:17:05 pm by colt
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Second Post for 01 Jan 2004

Well, this is another post for today. it's about 9:00 a.m. things haven't started off to well so far, it seems like the fussing has started all over again, so I just leave the room, and things quiten down. They will probably blame it all on me again. With a head injury, even if it was 24 years ago, you get thingss blamed on you alot. ;-(

I still have problems with my memory, if I think of someting to do, when I get up to do it if I even think about gettin up our of the chair I'm sittin in, I will forget what it was I was goin to do, and that gets pretty bad sometimes, especially when I've got to go to the rest room. I can be right in the middle of a sentence and forget what I'm talking about and have to ask what it was that I was just talking about. ;-((

I know why they call it a bath room, that's where you go to take a bath, but why do they call it a rest room, is that where you go to take a rest, looks like a rest room would be in a rest home. ? Just a thought. I guess they call it resting if you have to do N E sitting. .....

Looks like as many times and I've missed the Road Runner and he has gotten away I would just give up, dosen't it. Especially as many times as I've blown my self up trying to get him and squashed myself flat, and fell off of a ledge so many hundred feed in the air and then have it to fall on my head and be driven into the ground like a nail. And haven been ran over by the train in the tunnel. All those big delivery trucks I get hit face on with too. All those stars. Don't forget all those times I try to catapult myself over a hill or simething and wind up head first (just gave my age away, well, not actually, I've always heard my grandmother say that.) into the ground. Also, don't forget about all the times I blow myself up with the dynomite, looks like I'd learn not to use those accordian extenders, they always come back on me, sounds likd bad food. ;-o And what about all those 'Acme' trucks, where do they all come from????? o ' well, I guess I'm just hard headed, that's what my wife and family would say about me any how, any way or some how or another.

Posted at 1/1/2004 9:02:54 am by colt
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First post in 2004

Well, it is Jan 1, 2004. I had to look at the calendar on my computer to make sure tho.
You all please be very carefull when you get behind the wheel. I thought I was carefull
but it was raining really bad and I had a bad car wreck and it broke every thing on my
left side and i was in a comma for 33 - 34 days and I died twice, nothing to serooius tho,
nothing that the Lord can't handle.

my e'mail:

Posted at 1/1/2004 8:12:46 am by colt
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